Reb Saunders Character Analysis

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In the minds of an average teenager their parents are too strict, forcing them to do chores, finish their homework, and are all around fun-suckers. Compared to an average parent, the character from the book The Chosen, Reb Isaac Saunders would compare to a prison warden. Principles of Hasidism (An Ultra-Orthodox sub-group of Judaism) governing his every waking moment, Reb Saunders serves as a man of devout following. Not only a follower but, a leader, referred to as a Tsaddik or “Righteous One” by the Hasidic Community. Throughout the book, Reb Saunders passes along his strict beliefs onto his family, enforcing strict study regimens upon his children, to the point of generally only speaking to his children about religious endeavors, contrary to a normal fatherly relationship. Viewing from afar, he appears as a cold, stern man, however underneath the surface lies another secret identity. Inside of his shell Reb Saunders portrays a passionate follower, a devout leader, and a loving father.
Setting the foundation of his life, Reb Saunders Hasidic values form the core. His father a Hasidic rabbi, starting from birth, his life enveloped itself the Hasidic faith, born in southern Russia. Upon his father’s death, at the young age of twenty-one Isaac Saunders inherited the
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Not only serving as a teacher, but in the eyes of his followers, a savior. ““He’s more than a rabbi,” Danny Said. “He’s a tsaddik.”” (118). In the eyes of his community, Reb Saunders acted more than a human, but a messenger of God. Although praised highly as more than a human, Reb Saunders remained humbly focused on his true role of leadership. Throughout the book his devout leadership presents itself as though an extension of himself. Ensuring that each of his decisions prove best for his followers, his focus and prioritization of Hasidism create a type of dedication that cannot help but receive commendation from

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