Essay On Why Women Start Their Own Business

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Women Starting Their Own Businesses There are several different reasons why women want to own or start their own Business (es). It takes a strong-willed and determined woman to start her own business from ground up. There may be times when she has to ask for help on how to get it into gear and on the right path of having a successful business.
I have done a lot of research and came up with some great reasons why women want to start or own their own business (es). Women want to encourage other women that it is not just the man’s job to work and make money for the household. Women also feel undervalued by the corporate world and feel very limited by the traditional corporate career path. Women want to feel appreciated when working for a corporate company but sometimes they get the feel that they never amount to
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They want more control over their time and schedule. If women have children the traditional corporate life is not always a good fit for the needs of the family. It is great that many women are expanding the opportunity to have more freedom and flexibility. Women who want to start their own business (es) is because they are being underutilized and underpaid by corporate companies. Women feel they are being stalled in their corporate careers by being underpaid, overworked, and not enough flexibility. Starting up their own business just might give them the flexibility and control they are looking for. It is a huge missed opportunity for companies that are failing to promote talented and hardworking women to leadership roles in the company and failing to user their skills. It is sad that many companies are becoming so inflexible and inhospitable to the talented and hardworking women (Why Women Start Businesses: They’re Undervalued at their corporate jobs, n.d.). (The Most Common Reason American Women Start Their Own Businesses,

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