Reasons Why Teenagers Lie

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Every person has lied before in their lives, making the lying process seem like a natural doing. However, what is the ultimate secret that makes teenagers lie consistently? Psychologists found out that lying became more like a habit today, even though teenagers do not know its consequences. Teenagers often get influenced much easier compared to adults; hence, they need to be aware of what is causing them to lie and know that it is not only them that confront difficult situations. Lying is not only the verbal lies, there are other types of behaviors that are considered lying such as cheating, plagiarizing, or breaking promises. Deception in some cases is tolerated and it may lead to better results, but that does not make it the right choice every time. Some of the main reasons why teenagers lie are to protect their image, to get a desired thing, and to make others feel better. Firstly, teenagers believe that lying will help them cover up their mistakes. Adolescents are young, impatient, and not very wise; …show more content…
The reasons why teenagers lie vary from protecting their image, getting something they want, or making their friends feel better. Teenagers lie because they are ashamed of something caused by their looks or behavior, which is wrong because nobody is perfect. Adolescents also lie when they want to gain something they do not have, possibly from greed. They also lie in order to make their close ones feel happy about themselves, which could go wrong sometimes. Even though, the liars did it with pure intentions. Human beings in general have the option to lie or to say the truth during every day of their lives. The way teenagers solve their conflicts is when they make their choices. That is why the choices they make are what really define them. In brief, teenagers are not very wise and without the correct guidance, they will never stop deceiving themselves and

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