Reasons Why Students Dropout

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In today 's economy, where academic skills are praised, increasing the graduation rate has became a top policy issue among educators. High dropout rates associated with factors such as retention and socioeconomic status. Dropout programs address various risk factors associated with dropping out of high school.Dropping out of school is an issue faced by plenty of teens today. There are various of reasons why students want to dropout of school. Due to research students use dropping out of school as a way to escape from their problems.Numerous of students drop out for unbearable reasons such as, pregnancies, numerous absences, violence in the community, or needing more money. This bring the question to mind: is it the teachers fault students do …show more content…
Are we supposed to believe these are acceptable for a student to dropout or not? According to “Why Students Drop” written by Dr. Sandy Addis there are different varieties of why students are choosing to forget about schooling all together. The most school related issues students dropped out includes: missing so many school days it’s broken down to gender. 44% of males missed so many days and 42% of females. This statistic shows that whether or not students like school because every child know that their school have a limit on how many days you can miss without counting accused absences. This shows children either wants to be held back in school, or just do not care enough to go. Another school related issue is the students believe it is easier to get a GED. Students felt as if getting a regular education with better attention from teachers is a horrible choice. The easier choice is skipping school and at a later date to go get their GED. In many situation, teachers do not condone getting a GED. Most teachers care about children 's well being. Depending on where the child is from they will willingly do what they can to make sure that the child is helped the best way they can. Stated in the article “ 41% of males believe that getting a GED is better than regular teaching and 39% of females also agree” (Addis). Which means the other 59% of males and the other 61% of females believe getting a GED is bad. …show more content…
Children need support from their parents to become successful. In some cases, parents should teach children how to be better than them in so many ways as possible. Parents who do not show their child attention or teach them nine times out of ten the child will become more rebellious. According to The article “High School Dropouts Blame Lack Of Parental Support” written by Kelsey Sheehy “ 23% of high school dropouts surveyed cited lack of support and encouragement from their parents as the reason they quit school” (Sheehy). Parents do not show no emotion to children not going to school. By them noting telling their kids that school is the most important stages of your life because it determines what you will do for the rest of your life as a career. We should encourage parents to talk to their kids and encourage them to finish school and not give up just to drop the rate of children drop

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