Reasons Why People Quit Their Jobs

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From my first thought of how I saw my management philosophy with the possibility that I may manage a company or section of a company one day, my original thought process still sticks with an adding a few theories and guidelines to help me succeed when that day officially arrives. I am still confident in the fact that as a manager I would want to set a good example and be available for employees to feel I am approachable. Learning that one of the main reasons why people quit their jobs is because of feeling under appreciated and not given the full potential by acknowledging the work put in, definitely will make a difference when it comes to how one will grow with the company instead of against it. I feel all employees should have an equal opportunity and full understanding of what it expected when working for the company. A large part of working is the enjoyment of working with others around you and having a high moral throughout the company. Employees should be comfortable enough to come speak about early release or time off if there is an emergency. If an employee has questions, comments or concerns they should be able to talk to the manager so they have direct confirmation from the person in charge. Employees should not fear your leader but respect them.
Past experiences since I have worked since I am fourteen I have been fortunate enough to have bosses who were very reasonable and understandable people who worked with my schedule. This made me appreciate and

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