Essay about Reasons Why Parents Should Read Aloud with Children

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Reasons Why Parents Should Read Aloud to Children

One of the greatest gifts that a parent can bestow upon a child is the gift of literacy. Reading is a wonderful pastime, and the key to unlocking many academic puzzles. Parents should read aloud to children as part of a regular routine, one that can be thoroughly enjoyed by both parties.
Firstly, reading aloud to children poses the benefit of being quality time spent together. Parents need to have special time with their children, and reading to them is a great method for achieving this goal. Instead of plunking the children down in front of the television, sit them down on your lap and open up a book.
As you begin to read to your children, marvel at their attention to detail, and use
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When a parent reads aloud to their children, they are also teaching their children to read. As the pages turn, the children are intently watching, following every word on the page, learning that the words go from left to right and flow in a certain fashion. They will, through spoken osmosis, learn how to read on their own. The longer this continues, and with a great deal of frequency, the more proficient of a reader they will become.
Parents also should read aloud to their children so that are heard enjoying the books, and the children. This bond will unite them, and the stories will also help them to learn things of importance. Books should be selected together, during regular visits to the local library or book store. This will give the child a sense of autonomy and ownership over the story, which may hold their attention for a longer period. Parents can help steer the children towards books that have strong morals, ethics, focus on manners and friendships, and interesting characters.
Once the children begin to learn how to read, the roles can be reversed, and the children can become the readers while the parents become the attentive audience. This may give the children a jolt of confidence and self-esteem that will serve them well as they continue through the educational system.
The only thing better than a good book is sharing it with a loved one.

Nine Benefits for Parents Who Read Aloud Reading Aloud: 1. Creates

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