Reasons Why Metropolitan Governments Provide Superior More Efficient Services For Citizens

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Imagine one of your family members is in trouble; their house is engulfed in flames. They urgently call 911, begging for rescue. The 911 operator states that the county fire department will be there abruptly. In the torturous thirty minutes that it takes the county firemen to arrive, your family member watches their house and their belongings turn to ashes. Within those precious thirty minutes, the city firemen could have been there. After all, the city fire station is only ten minutes away. If only the city firemen were allowed to help people in the county area, then your family member’s house might have been saved. This is one of the many reasons why metropolitan governments provide superior, more efficient services for citizens. When city and county governments join forces and create a metropolitan government, the quality of life for residents is greatly improved.
One objection that many people have about metropolitan government is that taxes may increase. While taxes have the possibility to increase after the consolidation, citizens will have more efficient services. Ken Howard, the Hardin Circuit Court Judge in an article by Greg Kocher (2011) is quoted as follows:
It is becoming more and more difficult in today’s environment for smaller units of government to continue to provide services at a manageable tax rate. So I think the efficiencies that can often be gained from unification plays a part in that. The studies have shown that unified governments…don’t lower…

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