Reasons Why Healthcare Practice Needs A Marketing Plan

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Register to read the introduction… The same reason every other organization needs a marketing plan to stay competitive with the local market and surrounding healthcare providers. Joel Ellis, president of Practice Builders has a list of reasons why medical centers, clinics, and hospitals need a marketing plan. The main reasons why healthcare practice needs a marketing plan as outlined in the video are (a) plan nothing, nothing is what you accomplish, (b) financial investing, (c) there are risk to an organizations financial bottom line, and reputation, and marketing can’t be done on a sometime basis it must be done all times on a daily basis. The three considerations mentioned for the outline in the video are (a) planning, (b) execution, and (c) tracking and making adjustments. Discuss three distinguished strategies that are presented in the video are. Strategies to practice growth in market terms must be in layers. 1. Internal; patient base/file profitable. Happy patients makes a medical practice very successful by referring future customer, clients, and businesses to an organization that they are happy and satisfied with the customer service. 2. External consumer base, expand referral peers base; referrals from doctors to use your organization as opposed to a doctor not in your social or friend circle and this can only be positive to an organizations bottom line. 3. Risk reduction by net-working with other healthcare organizations that you are familiar with and this reduces risk and optimizes chances for growth. Optimizes chances for growth when a good marketing plan is in place and your associated members continue to funnel in new customers and …show more content…
The information that Joel Ellis president of Practice Builder represented in his video will be helpful because marketing is a financial investment and planning is essential weather it is strategic or a business planning is everything. Marketing plan in layer is used to practice growth so if I plan to open a new community clinic I need to know if and where there might be another clinic in the immediate area and what market or type of community center it may be. If it is a planned parenthood my strategic forecast along with my vision and mission for this area would have to be altered if the organization is trying to open the same type of medical center. The organization would have to do a feasibility plan to find out if the community geographic is large enough to support two plan parenthood centers. Risk reduction and optimizing chances for growth would steer investors away from opening another plan parenthood center and the strategic plan maybe to open a smaller clinic within an apartment complex as I have seen in the community in which I live, this would make more sense and the patient base file is known to the health center especially if all the apartments are

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