Reasons Why Employees Voluntarily Leave An Organization Essay

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In the instance of voluntary separation, an employee generally decides that they are wanting to leave the organization by resignation. There are many different reasons why employees voluntarily leave an organization,typically the decision can be based on both personal or professional reasons (Mayhew,2012). An example of a professional reason could include an opportunity for a better position, or better compensation package. Moreover, some of the personal reasons that may influence voluntary separation from an organization can include: retirement, health issues (related to the employee or a member of their personal life), marriage, relocation, and maternity/birth . During an involuntary separation, the decision of termination is made by an organization, and is not the decision of the employee having to leave. An instance where an involuntary separation will occur can include health problems. For instance, terminal illness that impacts the ability to perform job responsibilities. Just recently, in my organization a female coworker had been diagnosed by her physician, with a terminal illness (SHRM,2016). As a result of her illness, she had not met her assigned goal. It would have been a second write up for her, which ultimately meant termination. Instead she approached the HR team with her dilemma, and was granted job protection for 12 weeks due to her illness. Another cause of involuntary separation can be the result of behavioral issues; where an employee 's behavior…

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