Benefits Of Sports Analysis

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Sports are something everybody should play because they keep you fit and healthy, help academically, and make you happier.
The most obvious reason that everyone should play a sport is that sports keep you healthy and improve your lifestyle in many ways. Some of the health related benefits are not as thought about or realized though. In the article “Benefits of Sports” by MU Health, it says “Sports offer many health benefits, some less obvious.” Sports can motivate you to go to the gym day-in and day-out. They also lessen your chances of getting some types of cancer or osteoporosis as you get older. They also encourage making wise and healthy decisions that can affect you later on in life, such as smoking or drinking, because if you are on
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First of all, it serves as motivation for a lot of different things the student needs or wants to achieve. Livestrong wrote an article called “How Do Youth Sports Help Kids in Academics?” and there it says, “They have to earn the privilege.” In many schools, you have to meet a certain standard in school in order to be allowed to play a sport, so if you want to play the sport, then that motivates you to do well in school so you will be allowed to do that. Also, sports helps you concentrate better on what you’re doing, whether it’s work or just messing around with something. In the same article by Livestrong, it also says, “They develop better focus.” Sports have a high demand for focus and hard work and if you want to make any team or get really good at something, you have to be able to focus and work really hard. If you have some of those traits as an athlete, then it is very likely that you will carry some of that over into your schoolwork. You will be working harder and be more motivated to do your work even when you don’t want to. Your work will be better quality because you put in more time and effort and gave it your all. Lastly, sports help with teamwork or working together with others. In an article called “Using Sports to Teach Teamwork,” by Faculty Focus, says that, “Teamwork is an important skill for students in every major.” Not all sports are team sports but a very big majority of them are. There is no way that you can be the best team without using your teammates, that’s why the coach teaches you how to work together and communicate. That can also help in school when it comes to partner projects or communicating with somebody if something happened. That can lead to big success in your future because many jobs as you grow up or when you’re an adult, will require teamwork. Now you have great examples and reasons that sports

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