Reasons On Morality And Philosophy: Immanuel Kant

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I like to think of myself as an optimistic person. I like to see people as good and honest folks. Of course, I would like to think that people are bad for various reasons, and although I may understand the reasoning behind a person’s bad actions, I will not condone the actions made. I was once a believer in Catholicism, until I felt that it was no longer necessary in my life. I felt that Catholicism hadn’t given me any satisfactory answers as to why I wanted to be a good person. I decided to look towards philosophy to find some answers. I found many philosophers helped me answer my questions, but one philosopher in particular gave me some insight on morality. That philosopher’s name is Immanuel Kant.
My reasons for picking Kant
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At least, not to actively try to acquire happiness as an end goal, but rather to let the good will bring happiness as a byproduct. “On the other hand, it is a duty to maintain one’s life; and, in addition, everyone has also a direct inclination to do so.” This quote from Kant touches the idea that while it is important to be morally dutiful to others, it is also important to focus on bringing happiness to yourself. Here, I agree with almost everything on this point. I definitely agree that acquiring happiness for yourself is important. The only thing I disagree with Kant on is that I believe that it is possible to actively find personal …show more content…
I think that having both a healthy mind and a healthy body are essential in order to achieve a satisfying life. The mind must first become aware of any faults and defects, and not be discouraged by them. While self-flattery is a weakness in character, a lack self-respect is also a weakness. “But if we compare ourselves with ourselves with others; we have a right to consider ourselves as valuable as another.” Having confidence makes me feel like I have control over my life. I consider confidence an essential part of obtaining happiness. With a healthy, confident mind, it can lead towards a healthy body. “The body is entrusted to us and our duty in respect of it is that our mind should first discipline the body and then look after it.” After the mind is in a position to be mentally healthy, the body must become a healthy vessel to protect the mind to experience the many joys of life. I think that a perfect balance between mental health and physical health leads towards a better life, and ultimately a happier one. I do not believe that having a healthy lifestyle should mean that I must do away with all kinds of guilty pleasures. I want to enjoy as much as possible, as such; I will indulge in some things that will not always be healthy for me. However, I will say that guilty pleasures must be in moderation, as to not to become consumed by them my life. In short, I

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