Reasons For The Promotion Of World War One

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1. First of all I would like to say not one single event soley caused the war the train of corrupting events did. On June 28, 1914 the serbian Gavrilo Princip assassinated Archduke Franz-Ferdinand cause of this Kaiser Wilhem and his fellow germans sided with Austria. Within weeks of the assassination there was a series of uncontrolable rampage amoung the military and other government leaders. Most diplomatic leaders thought war would be a better option rather than peace because the wanted to dedicate their lives to their leader. During the fall of leaders most countries get stuck in a rebellious protective state because the want to keep moving forward and take extra precautions to protect their own people.


The following quote was just
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The most obvious reason for the promotion of the war was the factor of how many lives were lost. First of all the war consisted with over millions of casualities. Another factor was because of the occurance of the war during the industrialization new weapons were sought to be made. Most of the traditional swords and spears were no match against the astonshing army tanks and quick-hand rifles. During the beginning of the war it was thought to be quickly resolved ,but once it took a death toll nearly every country was involved. Without the mass of different countries involved, the horrendous murders, and intellectual weaponary technology the war wouldn 't have indirectly and strongly impact futurstic terrorizing events such as the Holocaust, the bombing of pearl harbor, and world war …show more content…
Munities greatly effected about half of French troops. Despite this rarely any mutiners against trench warfare were punished severly. Unlike the French the Russia struggled to overthrow Tsar. Infact most of them came to consensus that it would be irrational to fight against Tsar because their leader Tsar was strongly for trench warfare. They quickly became restless and exhausted causing to stick with the traditional plan.

9. During the trench times many trenches did not dispose these bodies of fellow soldiers more times than often it felt like they were living with the dead. Images of broken limbs and bloody organs reflected in their minds through their dreams and thoughts. However, they did have great respect for them.

10.For two consecutive years Woodrow Wilson tried to maintain neutral trade with Great Britain. Germans decided that they had enough with us and claimed the following:"We will not permit it any further. We will sink all American ships headed for the British Isles." Of course they did exactly what they had planned. This was the last straw that gave Wilson no other choice ,but to ask Congress for a declaration of war. However, Wilson mostly wanted peace and hesitated to go to war until two months after the sinking of the

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