Reasons For The For Your Wet Clothing Essay

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Introduction Living our day to day lives we scarcely stop to think about the reasons for things in our lives. We do not spend every waking minute thinking about what was the origin of what it is that we did or what we experienced. It is hard to imagine that the boiling of a cabbage in the kitchen of a restaurant on the other side of the country, because one of the restaurant’s chefs was sick and another less experienced chef burned its specialty cabbage casserole thus requiring the boiling of a secondary cabbage, was able to add the last bit of water vapor to the gathering clouds a mile above needed for it to reach its full capacity. And that due to that small action taken by a cook hundred of miles away you were caught out in the rain on the way to the first day of your new job, soaking you thoroughly. While you were very disgruntled by this procession of events, you do not blame the novice chef for your wet clothing. When thinking of events it is easy to see that things happen in a causal manner. The ball is thrown and flies through the air. Similarly the same ball is hit and goes out of the park. The previous happening before the former. If everything were dictated in this manner how would we act and what would be responsible? To what extent would we be morally and ethically responsible for what happens that is within our influence and what it then causes?
Moral and Ethical Philosophy is the study of what is right, what is wrong, and everything in between.…

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