Reasons For The Death Penalty Essay examples

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Very few countries similar to the United States employ the death penalty as punishment for murder. The list of other countries that also apply the death penalty includes China, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Iraq. Needless to say, we are not keeping good company when it comes to the practice.
Support for the death penalty became popular during the 1990’s, when crime was on the rise and politicians, in an effort to appear tough on crime, embraced policies such as the three-strike rule and minimum sentencing. Since that time, however, the political climate has changed, and the death penalty has frequently come under fire from both liberals and conservatives alike. There are many reasons to oppose the death penalty, but I will focus on what I believe to be the four most important reasons.
The first and foremost reason that the United States should rethink its position on the death penalty is the illusory majority support for the practice. There has been research that indicates a majority of Americans might prefer life without parole over the death penalty, but this is not usually measured in traditional surveys. The second reason the death penalty should be repealed is because of the excessive costs. Studies have found that death penalty cases cost taxpayers substantially more than non-death penalty cases for similar crimes. The fact that there are mixed findings regarding the death penalty’s deterrent effects is the third reason I believe we should cease the practice. Past studies…

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