Reasons For The Crusades Were On The Holy Land, Salvation, And Religion

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Essay I. Three important reasons for the crusades were to acquire the Holy Land, salvation, and religion. The crusades were a series of wars fought between Muslims and Christians. It all started with the Christians being banned from Jerusalem and Pope Urban II talking people into war. Jerusalem is a very sacred ground for both Christians and Muslims, therefore it is important for all followers of these religions to visit at least once. The Christians before being banned, had to pay fees to get into Jerusalem. After being banned Jerusalem’s economy felt the lack of Christians. The Holy Land was very important to the Christians, Muslims, and an important reason to the crusades because for the Christians it was where Jesus as crucified and where he came back to life and for the Muslims it was where Muhammad rose to heaven to meet with Allah. The Holy Land being very important to both religions started many feuds that eventually led to the crusades. The people who fought in the name of God where also promised salvation by Pope Urban II. When he called and preached the first crusade Pope Urban II Salvation is an important reason to the crusades because it motivated soldiers to fight in the names of their Gods. After the Pope Urban II’s preach other bishops started spreading the word that the people needed to fight for their sins to be forgiven. “The crusade provided a means for such men to turn their talent for warfare and bloodshed into a means of their own salvation.”…

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