Essay about Reasons For The American Revolution

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American Revolution

Table of Contents
Introduction 1
Reasons for stating American revolution was conservative 1
Reasons for stating American revolution was radical 3
Rhetoric of American revolution and Abolitionism 5
Reflections: 6
Conclusions 7

American Revolution was a political battle that had taken place between 1765 and 1783. In this time the 13 colonies of America, rejected British oligarchy and wanted to become independent. It was from this action that the United States of America was formed. The American Revolution is also known as the Revolutionary war that originated in 1775. It was fought between the American patriots and British soldiers. This was had started in Lexington and in Concord Massachusetts. This was a mark of defiance against the British troops for passing of the laws that entailed in more taxation and increased control (Young). The members of the continental congress appealed to King George of England requesting independence from the British Crown. On July 4th 1776 the independence was given to America (Young). This had paved the way for modern America. There has been much rhetoric that has been associated with this war. Many eminent scholars and historians have taken an ambivalent stand against the war. Some state that it is revolutionary such as the views of George Wood.
The purpose of this analysis is to analyze the argument made by George Wood who stated that the American Revolution is the most…

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