Reasons For The After World War One Essay

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After World War One, there were many types of new government that emerged from the chaos of the war. But, the two major governments were dictatorships and democracies. In Germany, Italy and Russia, the dictators Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini and Josef Stalin came to power after the fall of democracy in each country. There were many reasons for the change to dictatorship, including inflation, unemployment and a lost sense of trust in democracy. These dictatorships ruled for many years during the interwar period. There were also many democracies across Europe and Asia during the interwar years. In India, democracy was used to unify the nation against the British. In China and Eastern Europe, there was also democracy that proved to be more successful than dictatorship in these areas. Therefore, we can learn from the interwar years that dictatorship will eventually lead to democracy. All of the “great” dictatorships that ruled during the interwar years all eventually collapsed and lead to democracy. Every nation has certain reasons for their type of government, and these reasons were key to the path of history during the interwar years. Thus, during the interwar years, there were both powerful democracies and dictatorships, but countries used this time period to learn about these forms of government and decide which would be best for their nation in the future. There were many reasons that the nations Russia, Italy and Germany chose dictatorship during the interwar years,…

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