Reasons For Teens In Runaway Love By Ludacris

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The song “ Runaway Love ” is about teens and what’s going on in their personal lives, and they’re to the point where they’re forced to run away from home and all the things they’ve been through. The issue that is portrayed in the song is teens that go through abuse, neglect, rape, and mistreatment they all tend to run away from home when they’re fed up with all the mistreatment they have been through. Another reason why teens run away from their homes is because of their love life. Their parents don’t approve of him or her and they’ll try any and everything just to be with that person. So they’ll run away together so nobody can tell them they can’t be together. The song, “ Runaway Love “, performed by Ludacris, addresses the issue of runaway teenagers when analyzed using a cultural lens. The problem of teenagers today is that they tend to run away from home. The reasons for teenager’s runaway’s today is they probably go through so much at home that they can’t take it and runaway. When teenagers go …show more content…
“Yells and abuses, leaves her with some bruises, teacher ask questions she’s making up excuses bleeding on the inside and crying on the out”.(“Ludacris”) This means that her mom’s boyfriend is hitting her, she tries to tell her mommy but she doesn’t want to listen. She goes to school with all these marks on her the teacher wanna know how did she get them, but all she did was tell her lies. She’s really hurt in the inside but all she can is cry. Then she realizes that running away will solve all her hurting and pain. Teen runaways start at home and probably in the school zone. When a child is fed up and is going through emotional stages with what’s going on at home and or in school, the teens can’t take that much pressure all at once and run away instead to get away from all of it. She’s trying to figure out why the world is so cold Why she 's all alone, and they never met her

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