Essay Reasons For Taking Their Backs On Employees And Investors

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In recent years, companies have managed to turn their backs on employees and investors, all because they wanted to save money and do what’s best for the company and them without caring how it would affect the employees and investors. They became greedy and did whatever it took to get themselves rich by lying to investors with balance sheets that didn’t include money-losing assets and laying off employees leaving them jobless and feeling betrayed. Even though both employees and investors were betrayed by the companies, they do not share sufficient common interests to join forces in asking for reforms from either government or corporations. There are three reasons for this: first, investors are higher on the ladder than employees; second, both had income coming in from the company, but for different reasons; and third, investors were lied to and had things hidden from them while employees were not lied to since being laid off is a casualty that can happen at any job and can happen to anyone in a company. For these reasons, it would be difficult for employees and investors to come together and form an alliance since they would be asking for different reforms from the government or corporations.
Both employees and investors have been betrayed by their companies. Most of them didn’t even see it coming. Due to outsourcing, many employees have lost their jobs, even the ones who have been with the company since the beginning of times. Very few lucky ones were able to find other…

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