Reasons For Social Worker 's Involvement And Client Presenting Issue

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Reason for social worker’s involvement and client presenting issue:
As an intake and support worker in the Western Region Community Health Centre, I facilitated Fatima’s initial assessment in a face-to-face contact interview. Fatima met with me on Thursday the 12th of May to discuss her current situation. Fatima is a mother of three children, to Hannah who is seven years old, Martha five and Salina who is three. Fatima explained that her and her husband, Jamal, arrived in Australia three years ago as refugees and since gaining permanent residence have put in an application to immigration for Fatima’s mother, brother and sister to come to Australia. She discussed the financial burden she is experiencing in supporting her nucleus family with Jamal here, in Australia, with the additional strain of sending money to her mother, brother and sister in Ethiopia and how it is causing her to feel very stressed and a sense of hopelessness. Alongside these issues Fatima expressed she was experiencing a difference in opinion with her mother-in-law surrounding the intention of circumcising Fatima’s daughters. She stated was fearful that her mother-in-law may take her children either out of Australia to perform circumcision or perform it locally. Having experienced female genital mutilation (FGM), and recognising that FGM is prohibited in Australia, Fatima expressed concern for the psychological and physical wellbeing of her children. She also expressed her anxiety in wanting to prevent…

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