Reasons For Social Welfare Reforms Essay example

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In 1906, the Liberal party swept to power in a landslide victory over the Conservatives and new Labour party, however, this victory was not based on the promises of social welfare reforms meaning there were other reasons for their political victory. There were various reasons why social welfare reforms were introduced initially in 1906 and continued to progress for another 8 years until 1914, and genuine concern for the masses was not the only reason for their introduction. This essay will argue that whilst genuine concern for the masses was one of the key factors in introducing Liberal social welfare reforms, along with a few other factors, it was not the most important. The realisation of the extent of the social welfare problems and changing attitudes to poverty was brought on by a surge in industrialisation and urbanisation in Britain at this time. This also made people aware and concerned about the health of Britain as a nation and the strength of its army, should there be a war in the near future. People were also concerned that the poor health of the majority of the population of Britain would hinder their ability in competing industrially with rival nations such as Germany and the USA. A growth in democracy now meant that 2 in 3 mean now had the vote and were able to choose their government depending on the effect that it would have on their future. Along with growing militant action within the trade unions, this made the government and political parties sit up and…

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