Reasons For Raising Minimum Wage

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Raising minimum wage will have way more than the average million people begging on the streets for money trying to at least have one meal per day. No one is looking at the cons, that would happen with just the extra 5 dollars that still won’t even get them that far. Minimum wage should stay the same because it would cost a million people their jobs, the people working them are not fully educated and it will only increase inflation.
When times get tough raising non high school graduates paycheck is not going to help anyone. “The people who earn minimum wage falls into two different categories: young workers, usually in school, and older workers who have left schools” (Sherk) High school kids don’t need to get paid that much unless they are
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“Raising the minimum wage to $15 per hour is not the way to get wages up in this country. In fact, it would cause perhaps as many as a million people to lose their jobs” (Trugman) Most people will only see their paychecks go up and not the people in their workplace disappear. They would be greedy if they would rather have more cash for themselves, then a million people getting no paycheck at all. “Raising the salary of some and making or keeping half a million unemployed is not a win for the economy, and it’s not a win for the American worker.” (Trugman) No one would be winning by getting paid more. Everything would go up in prices and the amount of people working would go down making everything so uneven and not what the people want. “Let’s not take chances away from anyone who opts for work over unemployment only to be told, “ Can’t afford to add another worker.” (Trugman) So many new workers wouldn’t even be able to have a chance to make any money. They would all be turned away before they could even apply. Everyone should have chance at earning some money even if they aren’t fully educated …show more content…
“Generally, they have not finished their schooling and are working part-time jobs. Over three-fifths of them (62 percent) are currently enrolled in school.” (Shrek) These high school students are the ones who mostly earn minimum wage. These kids are not raising families on their income, it’s just some extra spending cash that would just go towards gas, clothes and food. “They are better educated than younger minimum-wage workers but still have less education than the population as a whole” (Shrek) People over 25 bagging groceries are the people who only finished high school or didn’t even finish at all. These people knew what type of job they would be getting with the very little education they even had. “Many minimum-wage workers are young people without an opportunity for education. They may go on to become supervisors, assistant managers and managers at stores and restaurants, and make a respectable living with benefits.” (Shrek) It’s not like they will be stuck getting paid minimum wage their whole life. If they worked hard enough, proving that they need a bigger income, they can get higher positions that get paid more and have more benefits for them. There is another problem giving the un educated workers more money is that the inflammation would only go up with their

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