Reasons For Police Department And Implement Community Oriented Policing

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There are many reasons for police department to implement Community-Oriented-Policing such as improve relationship with community, and also an in-depth understanding of the ethnic groups that live in the community. In todays society many people do not trust the police, and many have good reasons. Police Officers tend to use stereotype, not because they are racist, but because many have not been trained to understand the cultural differences of others. Some of the misunderstandings that police officers can have when dealing with Latino/Hispanics Americans is seeing it as disrespectful when a Hispanic person speaks to those around them in Spanish when they are speaking to an officer (Shusta, Levine, Wong, Olson, & Harris, P, 2014). The police officer can interpret this as a sign of eminent threat because he/she does not understand what is being said, and for all he/she knows they could be planning on hurting him/her, but the officer has to understand that a person might be speaking their native language to inform those around him/her about the situation that is occurring. When an officer’s first thought is that he/she is in eminent danger because a person is speaking a foreign language this shows a lack of community relations, and training. Another example of what an officer might interpret, as being dishonest, disrespectful, and hostile is “eye checking, looking at family members before answering” (Shusta et al., 2014). It is understandable that an officer might…

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