Reasons For France After The Revolution Essay

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A stable and prosperous society contains two important factors: one ere the citizens have consent of the governed and a good economic structure. These two factors were important to France before the revolution. France did not have a stable and prosperous society because there was an unfair taxation within the social classes and because the citizens did not have a voice were they can speak out about their needs. The French society was divided into three different estates: the first, second, and third estate. The first and second estates were pretty much made out of the clergy and nobility, while the third estate consisted of merchants, peasants, and businessmen. The first and second estate did not have to pay taxes. The third estate had to pay all taxes, and had fewer privileges than the other estates. This unfair taxation brought the economy of France downhill due to the fact that the majority of the people in the third estate were relatively poor. “The First and Second Estates paid almost no taxes. Peasants were burdened by taxes on everything from land to soap to salt” demonstrates how there was an unfair taxation within the social classes. It was unfair because many people from the third estate were unemployed or had little income and had to pay all taxes, while the other states did not have to pay anything. Even though the first and second estate knew that France was in a financial crisis, they refused to accept the fact that they could help the economy by paying…

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