Reasons For English Colonization : The Primary Objective Of English Imperialism

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Reasons for English colonization
The primary objective of English imperialism was to spread economic influence, values and laws to different countries. The motivations of imperialism were to create merchant policy that only favors political class of the English imperialism and voters so that they can get reelected. The motivations comprised the willingness to control social class, to control foreign trade, to make money, acquire cheap labor and dominate over America using political powers. The motivations dwelled on the willingness to gain power over nations with a variety of resources (Peter, 2002). Power is sweet; therefore English imperialism thought, by increasing power over different nations will make it succeed in having final authority over major issues. Secondly, the political motivation was to compete with other European countries. It was a common belief that countries with the vast territory or more colonized nations were considered to be politically powerful. Hence, English was strongly motivated to penetrate into different countries to remain competitive as compared to other colonial nations.
Political Motivations for English Imperialism in North America.
Primarily, the causes of imperialism in the colonial era were the never-ending desire for economic gain (Foster, 512). Besides most of the European countries believed that their beliefs and traditions were more superior to those of any other state. So they had the interest of influencing their neighbors and…

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