Essay Reasons For Dropping The Atomic Bomb

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Wow, it has been 71 years, and still some of the most controversial debates are still being discussed around the determination to dropping the atomic bomb. It was August 6, 1945, one of the most catastrophic momentous events that the people of Japan, as well as Americans, will never forget; it was the day that an American bomber flew over Hiroshima and dropped one of the most destructive weapons in the world to save lives. That summer in August there were actually two bombs dropped, one on Hiroshima and a few days later one on Nagasaki. One of the critical debates today is what persuaded Truman to drop the bomb.
Although there have been many interpretations and, some say, the decision was made because there were thousands and thousands of United States military men and women that were killed in the Pacific. Others say it was to get Japan to surrender. There were even many, memos, affidavits, letters, diaries and discussions, at the White House, and later at the Potsdam conference that led up to President Truman deciding whether to use the atomic bomb. Some scholars today have even conferred on the facts that Truman and that the military feared that if a bomb of destruction got into the wrong hands, the answers would be devastating, thus, the Manhattan Project was created. Others scholars felt that the only elements that President Truman and his administration were concerned about were how to save as many American lives and to prevent the Soviets from moving communism into…

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