Reasons For Choosing A Job Essay example

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First jobs are usually a way for high school students to earn money and are often dreaded. These students complain about having to go to work because the jobs they get are not enjoyable. Parents pressure their children into getting jobs to help pay for their expenses and gain responsibilities. Flexibility and scheduling are important to consider when choosing a job in high school. School and clubs take up time and can make having a job harder. Choosing a job that has flexibility in scheduling can define whether they can stay mentally sane or completely fall apart. Working as a part-time sales associate at Gap, I have the benefit of flexibility in my schedules. When I was interviewed for the job, Becky, the general manager asked me how many hours a week I was looking for and responded with around twenty. They have been considerate at keeping my schedules just as I want. As school began, I had a casual conversation with Stacey, who was doing the schedules, and asked if I could be scheduled slightly less than the twenty I was receiving. She complied until I told her I could go back to twenty. Anytime I have plans or want off I can change my availability and will not be scheduled on those days. If something comes up on a day that I am already scheduled, I can simply find someone willing to cover my shift. trans Having a positive work environment is another key aspect in a good high school job. When choosing a job, people want to enjoy it as much as possible so that they…

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