Essay about Reasons For Choosing A Career Path

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I believe everyone has to take a step back and remember why they want to go down this career path before they start that journey in their life. I know I have had a couple of moments when I had to remind myself why I want to be a teacher. Every time I remember why I chose to do this career path, it reignites my fire and keeps me going. I have many reasons for choosing the career path that I want to go down. One of the reasons I want to become a teacher is to watch students succeed from working with them and help the students realize their potential. While I was in school, I saw many students that had potential, but the teachers did not want to work with them. During those classes I told myself if I choose to become a teacher, I could be better than them. Another reason for choosing education for my career is so that I can help mold the future. Teachers see and spend more time with children than most of the parents. Teachers can be some of the biggest influences in a child’s life. To some students, teachers are the only positive adults they have in their lives. I want to be that positive role model that some students do not have. I have many influences that made me choose to become teacher. One of those major influences was my 10th grade English teacher, Mr. Edge. Mr. Edge pushed me past my limits with school. In high school, most of my grades were given to me. In Mr. Edge’s class he never gave me a grade, he always challenged me to do better. At first, I thought he did not…

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