Reasons For Being A Better For A Healthier Life Essay

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Motives are things that drive each person to live, do better in school, or a job, in their marriage, and maybe eat better for a healthier life. I think some motives for me would be to do better in college, so I don 't get behind on my assignments, and things of that nature. In addition, getting married, and having a job are a few other motives of mine. I am a huge family person, and I love hearing other people 's stories of how they met their significant other, which then gets me excited for my future of being married hopefully. Next, we start school at about 5 or 6 depending on if our parents think we are ready. Kindergarten through sixth grade is pretty simple, but assignments get tougher, and it 's more challenging. In fourth grade, you may start to switch classrooms for different subjects, such as: Math, Science, Reading, and a history class, for example Nebraska Studies. Then, in seventh to eighth grade, each teacher has their own subject, so you 're moving around a lot, which can result in mixing up work in notebooks, and binders. I 've grabbed the wrong one a few times!
Furthermore, the classes get you ready for high school, such as: Math and English subjects because, in high school you are expected to be able to write at least a 3 page paper with correct citations. For example, in text citations. However, by high school, which is 9-12th grade. These classes are preparing you for college, so classes like AP, or advanced placement Calculus. By college, most schools…

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