Reasons For Attending A Community College Essay

840 Words Sep 7th, 2016 4 Pages
No matter how much we overthink a situation before making a decision and even make the “right” one, we never have the absolute certainty that the other choice was “wrong”. We don 't get to live the choice we have not made, but we can ponder and imagine how our life would have been if we had made the decision that in the past we thought it was the “wrong” one. Attending a community college instead of a four-year university was not a simple decision, it 's also the first major decision I ever had to make for myself. Most people don 't really see it as a complicated decision, either way, you 're getting an education and a degree in the same amount of time. For me this was something bigger, I have always wanted to attend a University, it had been my dream since freshman year in high school when we first moved to the US. Yet I had to reflect on many different aspects before making my decision; I had to take in considerations all the positive and negative sides, as my intentions and capacities, costs and future plans. The first thing I had to think about is whether I was ready to be on my own and adapt to campus life. I figured that transferring from high school to college was already a gigantic step and adapting to campus life would have only added more stress. Choosing to attend Century College gave me the chance to have a more relaxed schedule. As an English language learner, at Century I’m able to get more help since the classes are smaller, teachers are more…

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