Reasons Essay: The Causes Of Cell Phone Addiction?

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The Causes of Cell Phone Addiction
Have you ever wondered what causes people to become addicted to using their cell phones? People in our world today have the tendency to look at their cell phones for new text messages or notifications from social media, whether they are eating at a restaurant, walking down a street, or riding the bus. The constant need to check our cell phones distracts us from our everyday lives with our friends and families when we do not give our full attention. Although cell phones are an important innovation that allows people to communicate remotely, it creates distraction on what is happening in reality. People turn to their cell phones as a way to avoid social interaction, boost their self-esteem, and use it as an
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But we often face the challenge of heavily relying on technology or the need to own the latest smart phone. The cell phones we have today can do more than just making a phone call, as more and more features are added each year. People often turn towards their cell phones as a way of showing off how they can afford the latest technology. A cell phone is a status symbol that people can easily carry around and use everyday. For example, there are many fake iPhones that are being sold in China. As a result, people who obtain a real iPhone have the prestige of an American status symbol when it comes to showing off their wealth. In addition, the need to post a picture on Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat is a good way for people to show off their daily lives. But at the same time, people can also justify why they need to use their cell phones. For instance, the need to request an Uber ride or to check the time is an acceptable reason to use your cell phone (Roy). According to a research done by the University of Southern California, successful people do not need to have their smartphones out to become successful. Working professionals who make a high income consider the need to check their emails and text messages to be unnecessary, as it is more appropriate for people to be aware about the activities going on around them (Kruse). Cell phones are an essential that people in our world turn to when we want to get attention. Our society has the ability to control their cell phones usage, but people use their cell phones as way to enhance their status when it comes to having the latest technology on the market or as way to show off their everyday achievements on social media. Having a cell phone is not necessary in our world, as people were able to be successful in life before cell phones were

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