Why The Death Penalty Should Be Abolished

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The death penalty is a punishment of execution to people that break national laws. Last year alone there were 34 executions total in the US alone which has actually gone down from the past. The time it takes to process an event for a circumstance where the death penalty is needed is a great amount of time. It can take months to years to process the death penalty. I chose this topic because “felons” do crimes and giving them the right punishment is key.
The death penalty can happen in a variety of ways. The first way and the most common is a lethal injection. A lethal injection is where the patient receives a shot (typically a barbiturate, paralytic, and potassium solution (5)) with a needle that kills the person almost instantly. At Least 36 states are known use this mechanism. (3) It is thought to be very quick and painless. Since the first use of the mechanism on December 7, 1983 over 1,000 prisoners
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What happens to the delinquent who committed this foul crime? Shouldn’t the crooks who commit the crime be held responsible and be in full accounting of committing the foul crime? Overall, allow the death penalty... In my opinion, the death penalty should be allowed. In certain cases where people receive lifetime imprisonment, why force the innocent citizens to pay for them to live. Hardworking Americans have bills to pay, they have to pay for themselves, and most important for their family. Those Americans shouldn’t be required to pay taxes that go towards people who have done terrible things to our country. Shouldn’t people who hurt our country be “punished” with extremity based on how bad the crime was. For example, when people commit mass murders, they need more than just imprisonment. In my opinion, imprisonment would be the easy way out because then they still get to live don’t they? They may still have restrictions but they get the luxury of their own beds and they get all the necessities needed to

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