Reasoning, Reasoning And Memory Essay

1306 Words Dec 13th, 2015 null Page
“To what extent do the concepts that we use shape the conclusion that we reach?” When you think about it, to a certain extent we actually utilize the concepts that we acquired overtime to shape the conclusions reached. We as people for the part may use concepts that we know, take pieces from it and use what we know ourselves to come up with this conclusion. To be able to achieve the goal of actually giving a direct answer to this question, reasoning and memory would be used as ways of knowing along with History as Areas of Knowledge.
With the given ways of knowing, when it comes to coming to a conclusion about a certain topic some of the ways of knowing are used: reasoning and memory. Reasoning is a way of explaining, justifying, and understanding everything that has occurred. When we reason we think about why did an event transpire or draw inferences from what we do know to make sense of anything that cause confusion or we have the need to fill in the gaps that were presented. To answer the question above, to what extent do the concepts we use shape our conclusion, reasoning could be an answer, because when you are asked a question generally most are asked to provide commentary, support and/ or prior knowledge to back up what they are trying to say. In an English class for example, you were asked, why did the author put so much emphasis on a certain word, usually you give an answer, but taking it a step further you would have to add textual support and commentary as to why…

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