Manipulatives In Mathematics

1. Purpose of the study or the research questions?
The purpose of this study was to find out the middle grade teachers’ reason for using manipulatives for teaching mathematics. It also tried to define and explain why teachers prefer using manipulatives in teaching mathematics to this grade of children.
2. How this study relate to prior research
The study relates to prior research in the sense that both are interested in outlining the understanding that there are concrete mathematical concepts that demand more elaborate and easy methods to be understood by children. Children advance the stages and learn a lot and for them to grasp procedures in mathematics then they need to be taught tools through other manipulatives to make them understand. This is where the demand and use of manipulatives stems in. Both studies also outline that students that use manipulatives are
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How were the data analyzed?
The study was conducted for a year with investigations carried out in classes for teachers that applied them. Some of it was also used ?
Analytical induction was used to analyze the observations and interviews and scan the data for possible themes and relationships. Some taped interviews and audios captured were also used in the study and helped in the modification of the hypothesis for various classroom interactions.
5. What were the main conclusions/findings?
The findings of the study was that the use of manipulatives helped teachers to make children learn better and in particular in explaining mathematical concepts that they could not represent themselves directly.
6. Why is this study important?
The study is important because it helps to outline the possible prominence in using manipulative in teaching mathematics and making children learn and understand concepts better. Possible options for framing and providing alternatives for teaching can thus be implied and effective learning and grasping of concepts be achieved.
7. What were the main strengths of the

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