Essay about Reason For Referral ( What You Want Out Of College

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• Reason for referral (Why are you in this class) (What was the reason joining this class) (What you want out of college) It was required for Criminal Justice. Criminal Justice majors are required to take at least 2 different special topics under Criminal Justice. Jake is a sophomore using this as his first special topics class. His motivation for taking the class was purely out of necessity and not interest. When talking about college in general Jake wants to just breeze through college to allow him to become eligible to be in the police academy and later a more exclusive job position.
• Physical description and developmental history
Jake Kessler was born 4/21/96 healthy with no medical problems he is currently 19 years old and identifies himself as a Caucasian male. He’s about 6 feet tall with short dirty blonde hair and hazel eyes. He has no corrective lenses. His only distinguishing mark is a scar on his right shoulder from a major injury during his high school years. This was caused during a soccer match when he tore his rotator cup so severely it became bone on bone interaction. The surgery happen a month later when he did finally go to the doctor for the pain and was told he need surgery or not be able to his arm like he once did. After the surgery he missed weeks of school and his grades dropped significantly. Other than this surgery he had no other recent major events in his medical history. He has no speech or gait impediment.
• Judicial history
At this time Jake…

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