Reason For Referral And Background Information Essay

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Reason for Referral and Background Information:

Chris is being referred because Federal and State Guidelines mandate that a three-year re-evaluation be completed to determine if the student still qualifies for services, and are the services needed.

Chris was initially placed October 28, 2009 as a second grader. At the end of Chris’s first year of school, at Starside Elementary in Desoto the DeSoto SIT team recommended Chris for an initial evaluation. The primary concern was low academic performance and attention level. It was determined that Chris met the Kansas Eligibility Criteria for Learning Disabilities and that he needed special education services.

A re-evaluation was conducted on 10/17/2012 to determine if his needs in the areas of reading and math still met the definition of special education (qualified for special education and the needs were apparent). At this re-evaluation it was determined that Chris was still significantly below is same aged peers in the areas of reading skills. At his last re-evaluation, Chris received math supports in the resource room. He was working on the same curriculum as his peers, but at a much slower rate. It was discovered that any type of visual and the expectation of a slower rate of explaining helped Chris master math concepts (math facts).

Placement for services was based on his performance on the DIBELs reading and academic performance as reported by his teacher. The teacher administered the DIBELs, DAZE,…

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