Reason For Poverty Essay

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There’s two different ideas about the reason for poverty. The first idea believes that people experience poverty because they are lazy and are not working hard so they’re not going to make enough money and so as the result they would end up poor, but the other idea believes that these people didn’t choose to be poor. In most cases they were born poor or something happened that cause them to become poor.
Personally I believe the second idea is the right one. As we saw in the documentary wagging a living a lot of the families who experience poverty are single moms with children. How people expect a mother support five-six children’s and don’t experience poverty? When the kids are younger thy are not able to work and in the other hand cost for
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Most of the people that we see in the street that are homeless are elderly people or young moms with kids. How they expect these people to work? And even while a lot of these people works, they’re getting pay minimum wage and that’s not going be enough to have a normal life in these days when everything is so expensive.
There’s so many reason for becoming poor and experience poverty. One of them is divorce or generally marital status. People who go through a divorce or a break up experience have a high chance of experiencing poverty. They’re emotionally in bad situation and at the same time now they’re responsible to take care of everything alone. If it was two person working in a family now it’s just one and if they have a kid or two, it’s going to make everything harder.
Another reason that a lot of people experience poverty in their life is race. It doesn’t matter how much everyone wants to pretend that there’s not that much racism these days. With looking around us we can see how much people are still racist and so they judge people because of their race and so when they want to hire someone from another race they will not pay them the same amount or enough

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