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Introduction Edward is a student that seems to be very distracted during his independent work time. He does not do a very good job of completing his work on time. There are a few reasons why Edward is having a hard time. His off – task behavior is effected when it comes to where he is seated in the room, the way the teacher has the room set up for individual lessons and what traffic areas are present to him. Because of these issues, the teacher has decided to rearrange the classroom to help accommodate Edward and his needs; meanwhile, using some helpful ideas from a STAR (Strategies And Resources) Sheet, which reference minimizing distractions, maximizing access, and matching the room arrangement to fit her lessons better.
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When rearranging the classroom, one of the goals should be for Edward to be able to work alone all the while staying focused. Therefore, when rearranging the classroom the teacher should set it up so that they are not in such a group seating arrangement. She wants the students and Edward to do more individual work. Therefore, the group setting is a distraction. Classrooms, like this one, with “arrangements that do not match lesson purposes can be distracting to students” (Evertson Ph.D. & Poole, Ph.D., n.d., p. 13). She should set the room up more for each individual student. This way there are minimal distractions when lessons are taught. Then, the teacher can also have a group table or two and group activities can be involved in the lesson when she needs them to be. “Flexibility in room arrangement enables a variety of instructional formats to be used (whole group, small group, student pairs, individual)” (Evertson Ph.D. & Poole, Ph.D., n.d., p. 13). With the flexibility in the different parts of the classroom, individual and group setting, the students can still work in a group if they need

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