Argumentative Essay On Reality Tv

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Are the scenarios that we perceive on reality television really a realistic display of most people’s reality? Often time’s people are being fooled into thinking that their lives can form to fit those of the actors seen on television, when in fact those people and their lives are only an act put on display for the enjoyment of others. The minds of many are being overtaken by false views of society due to hours spent in front of a television watching shows that are supposed to represent reality. Reality television has the power to corrupt society and the public’s view of the future. People are no longer able to distinguish what is authentic and what is created for the cameras causing the lines to blur in society and the minds of the youth today. …show more content…
As the saying goes “monkey see monkey do”, and these days with reality television we do not know exactly what information a child will retain and copy. In a survey conducted by the Girl Scout Research Institute, it was found that thirty seven percent of girls who watched reality television agreed that “you have to lie to get what you want”, while only twenty four percent of the girls who do not watch reality television agreed. Furthermore, in the same survey it was also revealed that seventy percent of all the girls questioned agreed that “reality television leads people to think it’s okay to treat people badly” (“Girls and reality TV”1). This information shows that though we may think that our children are just watching “non-sense” television, they could be picking up on unfavorable pretenses of the future and how to succeed in

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