Reality Tv And Media Negatively Impact Adolescent 's Mind By The Assumption Of Teenage Pregnancy

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Problem Reality tv and media negatively impact an adolescent 's mind by the assumption that teenage pregnancy leads to fame. Television shows like “16 and Pregnant”, “Teen Mom”, and their spinoffs have given teens a different view on what it 's like to be a young parent. Why do the television shows and their in sight on teen pregnancy influence the adolescent mind? Because the adolescent brain does not perceive the dangerous influences of media and its consequences. To the young girl who sits and watches every episode, reads every magazine, and sees the fame that these girl have gained, she sees getting pregnant as a way to the top. Although the shows do show how the young mother struggles with raising a child, going to school, and having a job it also shows how much money you gain from it. Just by welcoming this camera crew in your home and by letting billions of people into your life, you get “fame and fortune.” After viewing these show and seeing how these young girls have benefitted, teenage pregnancy has become problem.
While television and social media is in the everyday teens life it doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be educated, and or blinded by the negative aspects of the show. Instead of having a reality tv shows that keeps your attention on whether Ryan will show up to Bentleys birthday, or if Janelle will get custody of Jace, what if MTV just got rid of the show permanently and had a informative show about safe sex and pregnancy prevention. .

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