Reality Television Programs Based On Romance Essay

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“Sizzling chemistry, jealousy, heartbreak and the unmistakeable early signs of love – and that is just in the first episode. The Bachelor Australia is back and it is bigger than ever.”(Network Ten, 2014)- more like sizzling script, hyped emotions, emphasised heartbreak and forced signs of lust for money. The Bachelor is a romance based reality television program intended on giving single people the chance to find love- or more commonly, some mild celebrity. Reality television programs based on romance have been around since 1965 when The Dating Game first debuted (IMDb, 2011), but only really leaped in popularity in 2002 with the first season of the Bachelor. I chose to dissect the concept of ‘reality’ when it comes to the television show The Bachelor Australia. The macro-managed production of this show, represents a very different reality than that of which is true to us in this world, yet we are positioned to ignore this and absorb the values and messages of this structured reality all because of it’s addictive drama.

The Bachelor is a romance themed reality television program based on a single male bachelor who is surrounded by a pool of romantic interests of which could include his potential wife. “Twenty-four bachelorettes are ready to put their hearts on the line to snare the perfect man: 31-year-old Blake Garvey. Through a series of opulent and romantic dates, the Bachelor must woo his Bachelorettes in a bid to give one the ultimate fairytale.” (Network Ten, 2014)…

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