Essay about Realists And Liberalist As A Neutral Territory

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Realists and Liberalist are often times conflicting on how they think about different issues and the way they go about constructing their own nations. But, institutionalism bridges a gap between the both of them. Institutionalism functions as a neutral territory that aims to diffuse potentially competing and conflicting issues. Realism, being the oldest International Relations theory gives a pessimistic view of human nature. Realists believe that. Some of the known Realists who shaped the ideals of Realism include Thucydides, Machiavelli, Hobbes, Carr, etc. All these realists have much in common and that the state of nature is the state of war, leaders should be ruthless but also fair, neighbors are never to be trusted, etc. Realists believe that inequality is inevitable and that states must adapt to situations. Realists believe that all states must pursue their own national interest and that other governments cannot be relied on. That makes treaties an all other agreements, conventions, customs, rules, laws and so on between states merely expedient arrangements which can and will be set aside if they conflict with the vital interests of states (Jackson and Sorenson, 61). Meanwhile, the complete opposite of Realists, Liberalists have a much more optimistic view about life. Liberalists believe that humans are by nature good and that they are only led astray by fear and uncertainty. Liberalists have great faith in human reason and they are convinced that rational principles…

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