Realism Of The Bad Little Boy Essay

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From 1860 to 1890, realism was a very influential genre. Many poets and writers portrayed realism in their works such as Mark Twain and Kate Chopin. Each story of what they had written included certain qualities of realism. So what exactly is realism? Mark Twain, one of the most known realism writers, has a meaning behind every story by painting a picture and the vernacular to portray it .While the plot is much bigger than the characters which are usually complicated while being in the middle class. For example, one of his short stories, The Story of the Bad Little Boy, has a character named Jim, who is beaten as a child by his mother. He grew up with the same views as his mother did, without knowing the right way to behave. For instance, he would eat his mother’s jam and never asks himself “"Is it right to disobey my mother? Isn 't it sinful to do this? Where do bad little boys go who gobble up their good kind mother 's jam?"”(Twain). As he grew older, he smoked, drank, committed acts while blaming it on others and laughed at them while they were punished, Then after more years passed he beat his sister, and the killed his own family with an axe. After all of the events that had happened, he still “is universally respected, and belongs to the Legislator,” (Twain 5). As Jim grows up, he works his way up the social class by cheating and doesn’t get punished for it. Jim starts off as a lower class person and exceeds to the higher class as he grows older even though he…

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