American Realism In The Film Me Before You

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Realism is like a glass screen door that gives you a look into what happens in real life to someone. This type of drama mainly uses a lot of monologues. Also as you would think, the costumes in this play would be realistic and authentic. Realism began in the beautiful country of France, home to one of the most glorious city, Paris. The early 19th century was born approximate time of Realism. This style has been has been used through the last 125 years from the the time of Hidden Agenda (the movie) to the most recent upcoming movie Me Before You. Many things today are influenced by this drama especially what we watch as movies.
Realism is a type of theatrical play that mimics a person 's everyday life, to the way they move, eat and talk. This has always been so popular because when a everyday person looks at this style they can easily identify who is who and what their motives are. This type of style holds the record for making the stage platform feel more like an environment than anything else. Usually when watching a piece like this there will be a box set. A box set is a four walled room but one of the walls are taken off to allow the audience to see what 's going on in the drama.
As I said earlier this style originated in France but once it came to America we twisted it into our own realism; American Realism.
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This style tries to portray a perfect illusion of reality. With this form you could expect to always see everything go the way “it 's supposed to” or everything link back to its own nature. For example you could consider romeo and juliet as a naturalism drama because instead of both romeo and juliet being able to stay together and fall in love. They get torn apart by family drama, poison and a sward. Even though this play isn 't a naturalism play it still shows somewhat of what was supposed to happen. The families were rivals so it was destine for them not to be

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