Realism In A Story In Diane Cook's Short Story

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Girl On Girl is a story in Diane Cook’s most popular compilation of short stories. It uses realism and surrealism throughout the writing.
Diane Cook is a writer most known for her popular work “Man V. Nature.” Cook’s hit fiction stories have been published in Best American Short Stories, Harper’s, Granta, Tin House, One Story, Zoetrope, Guernica, and many other places. Her fiction isn’t the only genre she writes that is popular. She also writes non-fiction. Her non-fiction works have been published in the New York Times Magazine and on This American Life radio. At This American Life, she worked as a radio producer for six years. Her favorite episode of This American Life is Episode 246:”My Pen Pal,” which she produced. Her fiction work landed
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French writers had an urge to write about real things with facts. They strived for a lack of idealization; they wanted their stories to be portrayed as believable as possible. Realism rose as a response to Idealism and nominalism. Both of those styles of writings didn’t tell the truth. Nominalists thought that ideas were only ideas and had no real application. Idealists wanted to portray stories in the most perfect form, almost too perfect to believe. Realists truly cared about their reader. They wanted the reader to know the truth of life. One of the most identifiable characteristics of realism is the slow moving plot. They want to make sure every detail is in their story, allowing it to be believable as possible. All characters need to have a purpose in the story. Realists try to paint a picture in ones head with words, rather than just telling what happened. They want to create thought. Some of the most popular realists of literature are Henry James, Rebecca Harding Davis, Sarah Orne Jewett, Mark Twain, William Dean Howells and Ambrose …show more content…
A key component of surrealism was automatism. Automatism is the free flowing of impossible thoughts into words. Imagination played a huge role in surrealism. Parisian critic and poet André Breton jumpstarted the surrealist movement by his publication of Manifesto of Surrealism in 1924. Andre Breton is known as the Pope of Surrealism. During the surrealism movement, the private mind suddenly became available to readers. Writers were encouraged to share their crazy ideas. Surrealists believed they would be in their truest form if they shared their crazy ideas. Diane Cook likes to explore all possibilities in her writing. She likes to write about the things people think of and keep to themselves. Her writing illustrates utopian societies with hints of realism. There is enough realism in her stories to keep it

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