Realism And The Palestine Conflict Essay

802 Words Nov 11th, 2016 4 Pages
Realism has long been used as an approach to international relations. Whether it be classical or structural realism they both share similar origins. Both of these approaches to realisms are based on the idea that states are the main actors in an anarchic international system and these states want to maximize their power in order to survive. Observing the realism seen the Israel-Palestine conflict is important because it allows one to get another perspective of the issue. Not only does it allows one to gain a new perspective of the conflict but as Hans Morgenthau preached in his works, the idea that states define their goals in terms of power and this simple fact allows people to contextualize events and then predict future actions of state. This idea plays a role in creating policies to deal with conflict among other events in the international system.
A resolution to the Israel-Palestine conflict is not going to come internally, neither country is willing to compromise their goals to achieve a two state solution. As realism preaches neither states is going to concede their power because ultimately that would threaten their national security and survival in the international system. Both of these states need an external force to push them towards a solution. Either an international organization or a global hegemony such as the United States needs to take action to find a solution. In the past efforts to create a two state solution have been dismal, the United States is…

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