Essay on Realism And Its Effects On The World

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1. Realism argues that interstate conflict is due to self-interest. It also argues that interstate conflict happens simply because it can. Due to its broadness, any war can be an example. Realism argues that Nazi Germany started war because it can. Economic structuralism argues that interstate conflict is due to states’ economic necessities and expansion. The need for raw materials and labor causes war. For example, Japanese expansion into Southeast Asia was due to natural resources. Liberalism argues the same as economic structuralism, except that liberalism believes that conflict can be overcome by free trade. Liberalism also argues that the conflict can be reduce due to the interdependence of the economies around the world. This can be seen though international alliances and treaties. Constructivism argues that interstate conflict is due to nationalism. Norms, identity, and ideas can cause conflict. An example of this is Nazi Germany, they believed that it was part of their identity, by their race and the country of origin, that they were superior to others. Strong nationalism led Germany to war. Liberalism is the most convincing to me because many interstate conflict is due to natural resources, but it does not have to always led to conflict. Liberalism is open to the possibility of war and compromise, which is why I think it is the most convincing and useful.

2. Free trade would reduce the likelihood of conflict for two reasons. The first reason would be that due to…

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