Real Truth About Kony Essay

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KONY 2012

Jillian Reid
EGL 209
Prof. Rampello
In media, information has many different ways of being distorted and formatted for viewers’ persuasion. In this day and age it’s almost impossible not to become a victim of it. How do we identify the fine line between manipulated facts and reality and whether or not we as an audience are being taken advantage of? This issue can strongly relate to the “KONY 2012” video that has been recently released. Many of the facts related to the conflict have been either modified or completely left out. So the question we must ask ourselves is: should Invisible Children, within their KONY 2012 video, be responsible for misrepresenting and diluting the overall complexity of the
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Joseph Kony & the LRA
Here’s where Joseph Kony comes in. Joseph Kony was a former UPDA fighter, a Catholic preacher and a teacher while being a part of the UPDA. During his time with them he claimed to be a spiritual messenger and refused to recognize the Gulu Peace Accord. He then broke off from the UPDA and created the LRA (Lord’s Resistance Army). Due to the war-tired north not supporting Joseph Kony’s rebel group he began attacking local civilians. To push even further, compensating for lost support the LRA started abducting children and captured over 66,000 over the course of the war. Using psychological warfare, commanders and Joseph Kony himself have manipulated these children into performing horrible brutalities. They have been forced to kill their own family members or burn down their own villages to prove obedience. In 1993, the Minister for the Pacification of the North, led peace negotiations between the Government of Uganda and the LRA. Within the hours of completion President Museveni had issued an ultimatum that the LRA must surrender in seven days; this peace agreement had collapsed. After many failed attempts of peace mediation, the government had formed a policy of “protected villages”, in 1996. This was an attempt to take people from their homes and place them into camps, and therefore isolating the LRA and making it easy for capture. After failure of that the military ended up

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