Real Panic And Anxiety : The Little Boy Jimmy Starts Running Away From Home

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Prisilia: One of the first examples of real panic and anxiety is when the little boy Jimmy starts running away from home and Dr. Bennell almost runs him over. He sees how distressed the boy is and wonders what ails him. The anxiety taking over Jimmy can be better seen when his grandmother drags him into the doctor’s office and when the boy states that he does not wish to go home because the person who looks like his mother is not his mother. Wilma is another character that is afflicted with paranoia when she suspects her uncle of being an impostor. “He looks, acts, sounds, and remembers just like Uncle Ira.” This particular line is important because during the Second Red Scare, people began suspecting each other and family members of being spies or secret supporters of communism. There was also the American stereotype that everyone in a communist society acted the same and that this was due to the lack of individualism in a communistic society. This kind of fear and anxiety is still prevalent today and is focused on Muslims and the idea that all terrorists are Muslims. This idea spread like fire after the 9/11 attacks where the American public put their anger and fear on the idea that terrorism originated and was coming from the middle east.
Samantha: The film uses the alien invasion as a displaced metaphor of communism and the loss of individuality. It presents communism as a disease that spreads quickly as the pods infects their host until it transforms, when the…

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