Essay on Real or Fake?: Character Foils in Great Expectations

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Real or Fake?: Character Foils in Great Expectations

One of the most remarkable aspects of Charles Dickens Great Expectations is its structural intricacy and remarkable balance. Dickens plot involves complicated coincidences, extraordinary tangled webs of human relationships, and highly dramatic developments in which setting, atmosphere, event and character are all seamlessly fused. Although, perhaps the most visible sign of Dickens commitment to intricate dramatic symmetry-apart from the knot of character relationships, of course- is the fascinating motif of character doubles or foils that run through the novel. The use of character doubles or foils in the novel effectively let readers understand important aspects and messages of the
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This effectively shows that although Pip had earned this money from Miss. Havisham, Pumblechook and Mrs. Joe believe that they are entitled to it. This shows that he puts materialistic things such as money before family. Although Mr. Pumblechook is Joe’s uncle it appears that he has more in common with Mrs. Joe. They are both two individuals who are not happy with what they have, and always want more. They do not care if they have to hurt others to get there. Pumblechook and Joe serve as good character foils because they both are connected and related to Pip. They both take part in Pips life growing up although Joe is always nice to Pip and takes care of him, while Pumblechook is cruel and dismissive to Pip when he is young and has no prospects, and it is not until after Pip becomes rich that he shows his false morality and shallow emphasis on class by completely reversing the way he treats his nephew. Joe is a kind hearted man who cares immensely for Pip and was the one person growing up that Pip could count on and relate to. Joe recounts, “ ‘When I offered to your sister to keep company, and to be asked in church at such times as she was willing and ready to come to the forge, I said to her, ‘ And bring that poor little child. God bless the poor little

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